It Happened One Night    *Completed*

It Happened One Night *Completed*

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One Popular.  One Invisible.  One Night.  One Game.  One Unimaginable Outcome.

It's nice how he gets a Mercedes for his 18th birthday I would probably get a lawnmower with a seatbelt
I like this story for alot of reasons.  I like the friendship between Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Louie.  I like that Niall is the popular jock in this story.  In my Narry world Niall IS masculine and kind and handsome and sexy and . . .. Well you know! Good chapter.
I have read a few mpreg stories myself.  Not many.  My mom is a retired nurse and though I am not in the medical field myself, I understand a little bit about it.  I look forward to it because YOU wrote it. :D :D
I don't read mpreg cuz I find it kinda unrealistic but I'm definitely gonna read this one
This is about my 10,000th time read it and its by one of my favorite Narry fanfics ever
When its your 16365396'th time read this story and you still don't get tired of it