Stranger things imagines

Stranger things imagines

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∘≫ Jonathan

∘≫ mike 

∘≫ dustin 

∘≫ lucas 

∘≫ will 

∘≫ steve

name: Makenna Thomas
                              character: Mike wheeler
                              plot: is a new girl at school at starts hanging out with Mike and his friends
                              appearance: short brown hair that's frizzy, pale, big Amber eyes that are sometimes also green, has a lot of freckles on her face
                              small info~ always wears a brown headband
Can I have a Jonathan imagine? My name is Kristina. I would like it to be where we get in a hella intense fight and break up, but in the end we make up and YAY!
                              Plot-I'm good friends with all of the guys and mike has a secrecy crush on me. One day we kiss, you make up the part about how. 
                              Appearance- Shoulder length brown hair, Green eyes, and glasses.
name: Hannah smith
                              plot: Hannah has moved from England to Hawkins. She's really awkward around new people and she meets will in art class. Her and will both share a love for art which also turns into something else. ( pls make it so fluffy I can't read ))
Name: Makenna 
                              Boy: Dustin
                              Info: I have short brown hair and blue eyes. I'm into flannels.
                              Plot: im close with the boys and I have a secret crush on Dustin.
                              Hanging out with Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Will, And Eleven and we finish a movie (idc which one) and then Lucas suggests truth or dare. So we play blah blah blah and idc what you do just make it as fluffy as my unicorn onsie :)