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When You're Forced

When You're Forced

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MH By MariumHN Updated Mar 30

"Don't tell me you thought I ran away!" She said smirking. I was about to reply when she cut me off. "Well if you thought that then maybe that's right?" She stated.

I looked at her. "You will not go out from this house without me." I said

"Ohh really? Rayan, I just went away for grocery shopping and you start panicking. You spent your whole day working in office, you don't know what I do here in this house or where I go." She said.

 "You will not do this or else I.." I said but she cut me off.

"Or else what? Rayan, you took everything from me. My family. My love. My freedom. Now I've nothing to lose. But you've me to lose. And you will lose me soon. Very.Soon." she yelled.With that she left. Leaving me in fear. Fear of losing her.

Fear. This is just a word but these four letters made me realize she's everything. I cant lose her. Because if there's no Alina than there's nothing in my life.

Sometimes life changes by your choice. You get what you want but that doesn't mean it'll stay like that forever. Me 'Rayan Ali', I marry to a girl name Alina Azhar. I forced her into this marriage and I don't regret at all but I want her to be happy with me which she is not and I don't know when she will. I just know one thing, she'll do everything to make me regret my decision. But that's not gonna happen.I will make sure she'll change her decision. One day.

With that thought I went to her. "Alina." I said. She turned.

"Now what Rayan? What you want?" She snapped. 

You. I thought. "I forgot to answer you one thing." I said. She raised an eyebrow

"No matter wherever you go, I'll find you. Always." I said smirking.


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BlueSparkle299 BlueSparkle299 Oct 13, 2016
I'm confused are they cousins?  Cause if they were rayan wouldn't act like that
Maya_hrtsf Maya_hrtsf Aug 29, 2016
Even know I didn't all understand and that some characters are kinda mysterious I like this start! 😘
Judging by the description I doubt it will be that easy of a decision........