Sightless Love

Sightless Love

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Queensy By queensieee Updated Apr 18, 2018


An accident change Chloe Nacional's life. It stole something in her. It took away her sight.. her eyes. And it's all because of him. After she graduated, she promised that she'll hunt and make that guy suffer the way she did. She'll do anything within her power to make that guy repay what she had lost. Then she met Martin Cristobal. With his sexy and alluring voice, he captured something special within Chloe's cold heart. That guy made her forget about her revenge, her anger, and even without her eyes, he brought her hope.. hope that she can also be loved.

But what if Martin has a significant part in her past? Or worse, if he is the man who is behind her sufferings? 

Things will not be easy for Chloe's revenge as her life turned into a darker one the moment she received anonymous phone calls, and a mystery man who wants her... wants her innocence, wants her body, wants her all. A psychopath who wants to kill her.

Who will save her? Who will she trust? Now that she can't see.


  • action
  • blind
  • romance
  • suspense
  • thriller