The Choice and Reason *One Shot* (Attack On Titan Fanfic)

The Choice and Reason *One Shot* (Attack On Titan Fanfic)

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'Why am i here?'

'what is my reason to fight?'

'why am i lying to myself?'

'why am i pretending to be brave?'

'what is my reason to live?'

"Cadet Williams." a firm deep voice distraught my thoughts, "Sir?" I immediately stand straight and salute.

His eyes pierced on me i can feel it, and I had this feeling again. I couldn't move, I couldn't look him in the eye anymore,I couldn't feel my voice, it's like it's stuck on my throat, not daring to speak up.

"You're going with me, and my squad" His commands, yes, his commands is always the best, his commands makes everyone to move and do it with their will.

He stared at me for a moment before walking away, I can't believe it! he commands me to join his squad? But, I'm not worth it, they are an elite members of 'His' squad for petesake! and i? I'm just a coward that trying to be brave and eventually will be an easy food for the Titans. So i dare to speak up this time, cause i know i'm not worth of his trust.

"S-sir? B-but I..I'm not w...

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