React to ships with TS/Randomness

React to ships with TS/Randomness

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TS By twostard Updated 2 days ago

Hey. This book is just me reacting ships and random stuff :P please request ships for me to react to ^^ that would be awsum :D <3 THANK CHU!

This books includes also my OC's and there descriptions. You can dare and ask them questions ^^

(Also a vent book sort of)

Also, everyone has there own opinions. I'll respect yours if you respect mine ^^ thank you!

What's your opinion on Monthiplier? XD 
                              (IM JOKING! What's your opinion on Toy Chica and bonnie? XD)
What your opinion on death note, and what do you think of people shipping L and Light
Thanks for taggin me
                              Also, I'm a bit late
                              But...what do you think of chara x sans?
I personally think that they would get on well if they were to meet due to their aspirations to be the best.