Where Clouds Come To Defy

Where Clouds Come To Defy

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Tristan H. Globes By Homer_ Completed

Little Boy, Little Boy

Walk through The Valley of Decay

Tread heavily on dead bleach-white grass

over precipitous heaps of landfill

where raccoons come to glutton without haste

Kick away the sanguine cadavers

casualties of great squirrel wars

and peek through a parched fecal encrusted earth along the way

Little Girl, Little Girl

on the mountain of tire rubber

look up at pale-blue skies

not a cloud in sight

Little Girl, Little Girl

Do you see? A lone cloud has come to join us

at the place where clouds come to die

what a waste

Little Boy, Little Boy

pull out your black umbrella

for it is about to rain

Lone Cloud, Lone Cloud

unload your burdens and relax

for you have come to seek shelter

and we are generous hosts

Little Boy, Little Boy

unfold your black umbrella

and skip in the buzzing rainfall 

of gay cloud-satiated flies

Little Girl, Little Girl

scream your lungs out and cry

for if you keep fighting, you might find

that not all hope is gone