Tonight I'm Loving You *My Teacher is a Werewolf* (On hold indefinitely)

Tonight I'm Loving You *My Teacher is a Werewolf* (On hold indefinitely)

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*on hold indefinitely* 

WARNING: poor grammar, poor spelling, poor plot line, just poor poor poor everything. 

Hayley Lake is a grade A loser. If she isn't being ignored she's being mocked. When Logan Night the new bio teacher enters her life, crazy thing start to happen. While Logan is loving Hayley, Hayley is hating Logan. Logan knows Hayley is his mate, and being her teacher isn't the worst of their problems. When it seems someone is plotting against them Logan and Hayley's relationship is put to the test.   'The moment i saw her i knew i had to have her. i needed to make her mine. She was mine. My mate. MINE.'

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keziahodai7 keziahodai7 Jul 24, 2017
Don't listen to the people who said that your book isn't good
thatonecookiefangirl thatonecookiefangirl Nov 15, 2016
Oh... hi miss. Jess! That I seriously my teacher, she dose the same exact thing im not even kidding
_Adrian_Ivashkov_ _Adrian_Ivashkov_ Feb 22, 2016
I don't like the blonde part. It should just say "itchy" people
- - Nov 18, 2015
Don't go ape shizzle crazy on me for being a rude grammar nazi, but does anyone else get bothered when people write defiantly instead of definitely? 
                              (Loose definition here)
                              Defiant- acting against, rebellious
                              Ex: She stared back defiantly, refusing to change seats as she was told.
Gaby1290 Gaby1290 Aug 27, 2015
how cliche like does the guy friend always have to be gay i mean if he wasn't and was in love with the mc it would so add some good drama to the story
ImTheLibrary ImTheLibrary Jul 27, 2015
Thats not good I thought he was hot enough he didn't need any reviews