Adopted By The Gangleader

Adopted By The Gangleader

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Sandy P. Jackson By Classy_Sassy_BadAssy Updated Apr 25

Meet Olivia, an eleven year old orphan. She's lived in an orphanage all her life just waiting for the day when someone would take her into their family.

But one day, destiny comes knocking in the form of John Smith or Oliver Jones; a gangleader of one of the most feared gangs in the country.

Her life takes an unexpected twist when he decides to adopt her. 

For Oliver, this is a whole new  experience. Kids were absolutely forbidden in his line of work. But Olivia was his ticket to staying out of jail. 

Little does he know just how much she will change both him and his entire gang for the best and the worst.

She's the prettiest girl in the world I've heard. And I just think why do girls always have to be rated on how pretty they are? Girls are beautiful in there own special way. And if some don't believe that they just think they r not pretty. But everyone is pretty.
Well, everyone on Wattpad is going to hell so I'm not surprised
The girl is pretty and all but calling her the most beautiful is just messed up and is not fair to other 11 year olds
Wait isn't it oliver Jones? Ya know what I'll just go with it for now
Me- Ok before we go quick question?
                              Him- What (clearly annoyed)
                              Me- Do you make friends in hell or is it like silent reading time but with fire?