The End of the World Begins with Rain

The End of the World Begins with Rain

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inactive131234now By inactive131234now Updated Oct 15, 2016

A Karmagisa Short Story (AU)

An unexpected friendship. 
An unexpected kiss. 
An unexpected story.

Karma is the new student at school, and he befriends the lonely, bullied Nagisa. When they are invited to a party, things happen that lead to a strange relationship that doesn't last. Broken hearts guide them as the two find their way back together after the four words that tear them apart.

(Based loosely off I'll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson & Fan Art by Sarah Tregay)
{ Cover by @solangelotp on Instagram }

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S-H-O-O-K-E-T-H S-H-O-O-K-E-T-H Oct 15, 2017
Bītch, back the fūck up before you get smacked the fūck up
FukuseishiEi FukuseishiEi Jul 24, 2017
Yeah. And my mother will say it's my fault for not doing better in academics so that I can stand up to them.... So I don't even bother telling her
KunoKaede KunoKaede Jun 08, 2017
The only reason why I know the definition of  Ichor is because of Percy  Jackson.
Ereri_ghost Ereri_ghost Jul 24, 2017
I'm sorry but you ate banned from that abominable thing you call a pet name. It's a hazard to my well being
FukuseishiEi FukuseishiEi Jul 24, 2017
Really Terasaka? That's the best you can do? What colour are you on, huh? Care to take me one on one? Cause you just hurt Shiota-san... *Narrows eye threateningly and dangerous aura*
FukuseishiEi FukuseishiEi Jul 24, 2017
Really? It still hurts actually, just that some become more resistant to pain after learning. The pain doesn't reduce or anything.