Yandere mettaton x chubby reader

Yandere mettaton x chubby reader

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You,sans and pyprus are sitting in the leavening room watching tv. 

You where thinking about frisk he wants to do this to help everyone but you wanted to help. 

Be said he didn't what you to get hurt, but he is your little brother (yes frisk is a boy and reader-chan is a girl sorry).

You remember how life was before you two were in the underground. 

Your parents died in a car crash so you had to stay with your aunt and uncle. 

They are nice people and cared for you two but they were concerned with you why. 

Well you are staring high school, you're also 15 and you're chubby. 

But you weren't bullying like your lass school you did make friends but how you two got in the underground, well.

(Flash back)

"(Your name) please watch frisk while you on you school trips." Your aunt said hugging you and frisk. 

Your school is having a trip up to the forest at mt. Ebott, the school trip is for sibling only so this was going to be fun you and frisk love nature. 

After a few hugs the bus ...

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I swear if I become a sans fan girl because of author-chan I'm a shoot mah self
Orrrr reader chan can have a baby because reader chan is a girl and mettaton is a guy👌🏻
Hottttttttttttt jxjsjsksksjsksokskskskskskksksj(me fangirling)
Amanda1482x Amanda1482x Sep 20
Too many mistakes.. it's ok. If the storyline is good, I'm reading it
Seer_Luna Seer_Luna Dec 13, 2016
Strangely enough, that's my shopping outfit. Like, I legit have all of that. Wtf 😂
GlitterWillLive GlitterWillLive Oct 25, 2016
Whoooooo taking the sansit (instead of transit, see what I did there?)