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After - Reversed | Wattys2016

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Tasson is a typical good nerdy boy with a sweet  childhood girlfriend back home. He has always been reliable, ambitious and responsible, always having everything planned out. 

But when he tranfers to WCU because of his previous bad experiences on Seattle Uni he runs into Harleen, his room mates' "friend". With her wild brown hair, cocky British accent, tattoos and lip ring, Harleen is the mean-est and the most careless person he has ever come to know.

Despite the reckless way she treats him and everyone around her, Tasson is compelled to dig deeper and find out what is really beneath all her lies and rude behaviour. 

But sometimes there is so much more to a person than what can be seen on the surface and there is sure a lot of troubles and secrets that Harleen "swims" in. 

And it all takes just one bet, for everything to go completely wrong. 
- - -

This is a fanfic inspired by the best-selling novels "After" by the amazing Anna Todd.

You are awesome and I hope you will post the next chapter fast ❤️❤️❤️😘Greetings from Romania
It's weird. I never realized how prone I was to society standards. Having the roles flipped feel unnatural and like its hard to believe, but I know these kinds of things happen. I'm too prone to media standards right now
I thought it said dabbling and I dab then I read it again and I dab for no damn reason
megagal21 megagal21 Sep 17
I'm really loving this book! Brings up so many after memories that I can't stop fangirling lmao!!!
Look y'all are all here! Please don't fight over me *turns away and blushes*