The Mafia Boss and The Gangster

The Mafia Boss and The Gangster

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ShaoYeloveBL By ShaoYeloveBL Updated Nov 24, 2016

Author by 興之所至

Synopsis(I type myself because the site doesn't provide)

Due to Hua Nan's dad and his brother sudden debt, he have no choice but to sell his body to the main creditor Sheng Ge(Liang Sheng) that is his boss of the boss for 5 years....

Will it be just a merely paying back the debt by using his body or some unfold scheme of story or will there be some love spark between them?

Due to the reason I don't like repeating word so I set a few rules

1. I don't allowed thanks or anything that lead to thanks. -_- So please don't comment any thanks if possible. If you really want to say thanks then suggest you don't comment.

2. Second I don't really omitted anything but due my English knowledge is low hence I wrote 'summary' so please don't judge too much on my English TT, I just want to share this story out because I love it,  I did listen this audio last year(2015) and make me like with this story and once a while I will play the audio for sake of listen.

3. I trans this through a website I found so this whole thing is not based by the audio and I have forgotten the link however if you want the whole copy, feel free to pm me, I will send to your email because I put in my note.^^

4. This is very important, I don't encourage spoiler so if you know the story or what, please keep it to yourself.>3>

5.Enjoy reading, I hope readers will like this story as well.^^ (Oh ya, won't update fast, mostly once a month since I got on going project. ^3^)

The End For Now.

DIMVST DIMVST Aug 13, 2016
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! i like your translating style.. so spontaneous. 😂 😂 😂 👍👍👍
Marieellebg Marieellebg Sep 30, 2016
Ahahahahahahahahahah he actually tried to sell his brother 😂😂😂😂 Hua Nan 👌😂 you genius
Marieellebg Marieellebg Sep 30, 2016
Why is he the one that have to use his body tho 😂 it's his father and brother debt right? They should do it then 🖒
dewipdps dewipdps Aug 10, 2016
What video?? I want too. Please gimme that fckin video 😭😭😭
Marieellebg Marieellebg Sep 30, 2016
Wow 😥 his father didn't stop gambling even after his own son chopped his finger?? That's dedication