Is it real? (An Zanemau Fanfic)

Is it real? (An Zanemau Fanfic)

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Jess The Killer By JessTheKiller_lyx Updated Nov 03, 2016

A heart broken girl and a emo boy, how would they meet? And how would they end?

This story will show some my life now, key word : Some. I will be playing the part as Aphmau. My favourite character is Zane so I decided to make this a Zanemau fanfic. This is my first book I made so it will be bad. Feel free to comment for ideas or how i can improve. The stories will start when I have enough drafts as I'm busy in school 90% of the time. Next, my instagram account is @bebe_aphfics , you can see my drawings there. Okay, now get to the warnings.

1. This contains swear words.

2. The updates might not be on time.

3. This is a Zanemau fanfic.

4. I don't like shipping fights.

5. The characters might not match their personality. I know that.

6. I keep on saying might cause I will write the storys on the spot. No planning was put into this.

Stay Rossome!

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