Voidless Memory.  Afterdeath

Voidless Memory. Afterdeath

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Pepe By Pepethehuman Completed

(Hey my peeps! Before reading this just know that this book is really old and my FIRST fan fic. So ya it's gonna be a bit bad and confusing. So read it if you'd like to!)

Geno had one thing on him mind before death, papyrus. 

He wants to make sure papyrus is okay, his friends are okay.
He wants to end the suffering that everyone in his world endured because of a RESET that keeps putting them back in time.

Back to suffering

Death had always hated his job, it's not fun nor is it something he wishes to do.
But it's not his choice, he must do what he was made for, without hesitation. 

But when he meets a determined soul from a save screen, he can't help but hesitate


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Just started reading first thing in my mind nope, nope, nope, nope, nope
ClnneNat ClnneNat May 06, 2017
AYYYYYY,  sorry! A bit late to this book but I just read it. It was great! Like, really great XD So, yeah, keep doin' what you're doin', it's awesome!
CaptinKat CaptinKat Jan 14
Ayy pepe im almost done readin one of your books drips of red your work is very interesting, i love it! Keep up the good work!
A_Random_Cup A_Random_Cup Mar 11, 2017
isn't Geno a masochist tho?? like.... what was his name?? oh yea, Dust!! isn't both Geno and Dust masochist??
A_Random_Cup A_Random_Cup Mar 11, 2017
Someone: sometimes kindness is enough~ 
                              Me: *bish slaps them* HECK NO!! WE AIN'T GONNA HAVE SAD FEELERS RN!!