Voidless Memory.  Afterdeath

Voidless Memory. Afterdeath

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Pepethehuman By Pepethehuman Updated Nov 14

Geno had one thing on him mind before death, papyrus. 

He wants to make sure papyrus is okay, his friends are okay.
He wants to end the suffering that everyone in his world endured because of a RESET that keeps putting them back in time.

Back to suffering

Death had always hated his job, it's not fun nor is it something he wishes to do.
But it's not his choice, he must do what he was made for, without hesitation. 

But when he meets a determined soul from a save screen, he can't help but hesitate

I DeFy YOu yOU stUPiD SkEle-GOd, I'lL kICk yOu In tHE FaCE!!