My Strong Little Killjoy

My Strong Little Killjoy

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Kelsie Bennett By KelsieBennett2 Updated 7 days ago

I know another adopted by My Chemical Romance. It is my first story that I am sharing so please let me know what you think. 

Tobi, 15 years old, just couldn't take it anymore. Being beaten everyday is a living hell. What will happen to her when she meets her heroes?

I own the story. I do not own My Chemical Romance or any other bands that may show up.

                              Lol, what just happened?
this is supposed to be srs bisnus but...I'M NOT OKAAAAAAYYY, TRUST ME
jane2555 jane2555 Aug 03
From my standpoint your fücking beautiful and I love you if you think/know no one loves you so ya but plz don't die and I know how it feels just stay alive
This here is one reason why some people are alive. This here is saving lives. It may be a little bit, but it works. I just wanted you to know this.
I would be upset, but there are 95 more chapters so either Tobi lives or she doesn't matter. Based on the fact she only swallowed 2 pills, I am going to assume my former guess is correct...
This song reminded me of the song beaten in lips By Bear tooth