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The 3rd hokage made naruko the secret 5th hokage and she is only 9 y.o. pretty impressive a 9 y.o. girl can defeat the god of shinobe only a few know her secret(s) they are unknown you'll find out once I get my motivation back

(Plzz tell me if I spelled right)

In this story naru-chan (naruko) is the hokage and the uchiha massacre did not happen
(Plzz someone send me a few shipping pics and i will pick some of them to be the cover)

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wolfexqueen wolfexqueen Jun 01, 2017
The kyuubi attack is on the day of narutos birth. October 10th
I don't see why people hate hinata and i strongly dislike sakura in naruto and half of naruto shippuden but its wrong to judge her off of appearances or how she act. If some one is truly In love im sure they act similar
RedStrom RedStrom Feb 20, 2017
I don't understand why did she use Genjutsu.. Why didn't she just using transformation jutsu? O_o????????
Thunder105411 Thunder105411 Feb 28, 2017
Naruko Uzumaki •Namikaze•
                              Sharingan and [Rinnegan]
                              Thunder~Sama corrects you.