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The 3rd hokage made naruko the secret 5th hokage and she is only 9 y.o. pretty impressive a 9 y.o. girl can defeat the god of shinobe only a few know her secret(s) they are unknown you'll find out once I get my motivation back

(Plzz tell me if I spelled right)

In this story naru-chan (naruko) is the hokage and the uchiha massacre did not happen
(Plzz someone send me a few shipping pics and i will pick some of them to be the cover)

I agree with the previous three people. And if one isn't enough do a harem.
wolfexqueen wolfexqueen Jun 01
The kyuubi attack is on the day of narutos birth. October 10th
NamiSuGirl NamiSuGirl May 20
I hate Sakura a lot! She's so mean to NARUTO-SAMA! He doesn't deserve it and is WAY to attached to Sasuke-kun. She need to learn self control and use common sense.
I don't understand why did she use Genjutsu.. Why didn't she just using transformation jutsu? O_o????????
I don't like sakura and hinata sometimes I do or don't depends
Naruko Uzumaki •Namikaze•
                              Sharingan and [Rinnegan]
                              Thunder~Sama corrects you.