The Suicide Diary || Phan

The Suicide Diary || Phan

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Oompah Loompah By NeonWishes Updated 3 days ago

Dan Howell's best friend (and aspired lover) Phil Lester committed suicide February 20, 2016 by hanging himself. There were no warnings. There were no letters. With no clue as to why a happy and upbeat person like Phil would want to end their life, Dan feels broken and torn apart inside from grief. 

A few days later, as Phil's mother and Dan are going through Phil's things, Dan finds a diary. He takes it without anyone's noticing and he reads it in hope of finding out why Phil Lester took his life.

In hopes of finding out how someone or something could stop Dan's ray of sunshine from shining.

(Obvious TW: contains depression, bullying. Mentions of suicide, self harm, depression, abuse. If you are triggered by any of these, I would suggest not reading. Thank you.)
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I was ready for some phan moments but then the first sentence hit me and I was like 😢
it's a scarily accurate representation of how i let my feelings out
Well that went differently than I expected. What did I expect? It's called suicide diary FFS.
I just freaking shrieked. it's 3:37 am. I think I woke up my family.
I have literally only read the description so far, BUT WHY DID PHIL HAVE TO KILL HIMSELF ON MY BIRTHDAY (I know it's coincidence but still)
Ok let me prepare myself 
                              OK I'M READY LET'S READ THIS AND CRY(CRAFT)