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The Broken Girl Next Door Mystreet X Reader

The Broken Girl Next Door Mystreet X Reader

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creepyhorrorgirl By creepyhorrorgirl Updated Dec 17, 2016

Hi my name is Y/n L/n I'm a runaway kid. I have been away from my home (hell) since I was sixteen. Okay it's more of a torture chamber than anything else. I have lived in a rented old beaten up home. Until I found the perfect place to live. On my street. This is my first story I hope you like it.
I do not own any of the mystreet characters or your character or art.
I will make a few mistakes in this and I will try to fix them up.

I do this with my friends and we pass little bags to each other to make it look like we're selling drugs or something and try to make one of the teachers or C-Pals come over here and mistake us
Marionette2004 Marionette2004 3 days ago
(punches Jessie in face and falls into Travis's arms) take me
Marionette2004 Marionette2004 3 days ago
ladyvendols ladyvendols Sep 11, 2016
Well I'm a girl that does not like bad words so if you plz don't right bad words in your books
bugsy878710 bugsy878710 5 days ago
I actually have a friend named Jessie so this  now just going to be weird when I see him
I'm changing the BF thing his new name is zero 
                              From vampire knight ? Anyone know that anime cause if you do I will give you a cookie