Aenigmata (Harry Potter)

Aenigmata (Harry Potter)

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Ace By AudreyBolander Updated Sep 21, 2016

Tom Marvelo Riddle; School Sleaze, Womaniser, mysterious but popular. He was the King of Hogwarts in his time, and he never had to lift a finger. He had girls swooning over him, but he only liked the girls who didn't. He was the classic Bad Boy.

Clara Rose Noble; School Geek, Nerd, and professional Weirdo. Bullied of her race, teased because of her appearance, racked with a mental sickness so bad it affected her body in turn. 

Verity Sparks; Sparky, Veri, Ty. Cast to a foster family from her abusive parents, she shyed away from the crowd. Finding refuge with her new friends, she falls for the boy who falls for both her and her best friends.

Chloe Glazes; She was nothing special. She sat in the middle of the classroom, sat with her friends at mealtimes, tried not draw attention to herself. But she was special- she could see things no others could.

Matilda Bortluss; Their best friend. She never knew she was magic, and no one believed she was. But she had magical powers as good as anyone else. She was the sensible, sticky stuff that held them together.


We all know the story of Harry Potter; the Boy Who Lived, the Chosen One, the Hero of the Wizarding World. But entwined with his is the story of Lord Voldemort, and the path he takes to his downfall.
We also get a snippet of his life before the evil. And we, too, are told that because young Tom Riddle grew up without any parents in an orphanage, he could never knew love.
But we know that Harry Potter grew up with no parents with his abusive Aunt and Uncle. But he can still love.
So something else must have happened that caused the Dark Lord to turn away from love forever.
Tom Riddle gave his heart to another.
And they broke it.

This book will deal with some tough issues about race, sex and body image. If that upsets you, don't read.

Suggested age rating: 11

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