Orange is the new Larries #Wattys2016

Orange is the new Larries #Wattys2016

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Yazmin I Rubio By -louistomilnson Updated Mar 06

"Listen up, I'm Niall Horan. As you all know, I've been arrested for the violation of trying to leak the Larry sex tape. Oh yes, It's real. But you can thank Briana Jungleworth for fucking up everything. But we can also thank her for bringing us "Larry shippers'' together like the family we are''

Words from the handcuffed Niall Horan. Right, where do I start? .... Oh yeah, Let me start at the day a rumor started. Briana suing all Larries, We laughed we made hashtags, we made 'freddie son' jokes.. Look at us now. Not that I'm complaining, We've got our leader and our fam. We just need our Tol and Smol beans.

**BREAKING NEW** Harry Styles from One Direction arrested mid-day for threatening twenty-three year old Briana Jungwirth. Sources say, The twenty-two year old violated Briana's restraining order, Harry has been taken to the Supreme Court of justice to decide his treatment for the crime.

Oh shit...

tiffisamazing tiffisamazing Sep 12, 2016
Can i please please please be in your fic... It would mean the WORLD to me
-snowyjoseph -snowyjoseph Aug 30, 2016
I have this strong theory that Harry and Louis themselves are the actual writers of this story BECAUSE IT IS SO GENIUS
ashlizbethhoran ashlizbethhoran Aug 18, 2016
BRUH I would b like "DADDY" he wouldn't survive with all those girls
remcmber remcmber Feb 03