Let's Smut It Up (Leafy Smuts)

Let's Smut It Up (Leafy Smuts)

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💫 By lanascoast Updated Jun 22

exactly what the title says. If you read this, you're instantly a part of my hoe squad, which instantly makes me love you.

this is a reader insert

There will be daddy kink on some smuts, but not all, just request it.

No sex negative people allowed, no comments on how the character doesn't fit Calvin, this is fan fiction afterall.

Enjoy, you sinners.

faithteaa faithteaa Apr 04
I'm imagining him looking at the clit with some nerdy ass face rn
Me in the inside, "Opposites attract bitch"
                              Me on the outside, "Well..opposites do attract so..yeah"
Them: she's so nice  
                              Me: who tf said I was nice you fu*cking b*tches
ParkerAxer ParkerAxer Apr 01
Gurl what if some stranger took Calvin's phone and he knew where you lived
Am I the only person without a boyfriend in the comment section. 
                              I HAD ONE BUT HE DUMPED ME AND HE WAS A FCKBOY
Okay this isn't good for my mind
                              I'm actually imagining this oh GEE