Let's Smut It Up (Leafy Smuts)

Let's Smut It Up (Leafy Smuts)

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💫 By lanascoast Updated Jun 22, 2017

exactly what the title says. If you read this, you're instantly a part of my hoe squad, which instantly makes me love you.

this is a reader insert

There will be daddy kink on some smuts, but not all, just request it.

No sex negative people allowed, no comments on how the character doesn't fit Calvin, this is fan fiction afterall.

Enjoy, you sinners.

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Men are lucky to have warm and comfortable clothing...-3- lucky
HAM---ilton HAM---ilton Mar 20
Why do I have to think of that 'Trisha paytas' or something girl..?
Hey! I love taking hot showers on cold days too! So retable lol
galactic_snac galactic_snac Sep 09, 2017
I wear over sized band t shirts  and black sponge bob underwear
I like my coffee with so much creamer it’s basically 10% coffee
FU4HatinHU FU4HatinHU Jan 03
Jesus and I thought it would be like most smuts of Calvin it's just like one moment introducing characters then bake he was totally ripping y/n up. I bet he was talked to by the FBI cuz we all no he's got a weapon of ass distruction.