Modern ~ ll Kakashi X Reader ll

Modern ~ ll Kakashi X Reader ll

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♫♪♩ヾ(*◎▽◎)ノ♫♪♩ By naru_karu Updated Sep 22, 2016

Shy but capable, your character is adorable and lovable.
At least that's what a certain scarfed guy thinks ;)
Psycho fangirls?

Squad rules?

And... Accidents?
The scene will start to take place in a high school, then judging if I give up on this crap of a writing I call, the story will grow from there.

It'll get there
1 more chapter left till I finish :3

There will be swearing*
And I will be referring to you as a girl*
Sorry -3-

Love y'all! *Muah*

Itachis-Wife Itachis-Wife Dec 28, 2016
Making my way downtown? 
                              Walking fast?
                              Faces pass?
                              And I'm homebound?🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶
Me: omooo~ howw kaawaaii Shi-chan (kakashi) is jealous ~!
                              Him: s-shut u-up I'm not
                              Me: bu-- *cut off by kissing*
                              Him: *smirk*
                              Me: *blush madly*
Did he/she just say Rin? Rin Matsuoka ?! Mah baby shaarrkk 😂😂😍
Im a vampire bishes..
                              *deal with it song played*
                              Niggas: BRUH
lullabytonight lullabytonight 4 days ago
...i don't slut shame for what you where or what you do unless you are stealing my food then i will end you...
Pokemon_Fan Pokemon_Fan Dec 26, 2016
XD Gai is literally the best person someone can have in life! He's just so funny