Blue is my Colour [Katelyn X Female Reader]

Blue is my Colour [Katelyn X Female Reader]

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[Y/N] was a successful young individual. She was working in a diner that paid her more cash then she needed, she was loved by her co-workers, friends, and family, and her home was amazing.

Although, [Y/N] didn't feel complete.

She felt as if something was missing.

Someone, perhaps?

She's been so caught up in work, that she hadn't thought about love.

[Y/N] has dated guys in the past, but she didn't 'Click' with any of them. She went on claiming to be Bisexual/Lesbian.

But one day, [Y/N] was wiping down tables when a small group of young ladies walked in and sat in a booth close to where [Y/N] was working.

Her eyes settled on one individual,  a gorgeous Blue haired woman.

She's never felt so red-faced about anyone she's ever met before, is it love? Or a hoax?

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Cover by: @DarkenedDreams_

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I am not one of thesoe things i just thought that it would be fun to see what is was like
                              .Runt. ;-;
NekoGriffin NekoGriffin Apr 30
OMG this is just like me and my group of friends! ((Laramie, Levi, Scarlett))
FurryFox237 FurryFox237 Oct 26
That's such a coincidence because her being Bi just got confirmed recently
Im1nobody Im1nobody Jun 14
i actually have a friend and mostly the only thing i call him is loser so i am not loser
mads_1123 mads_1123 Oct 08
And it makes me happy to see all the other people that are like me