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Falling for Them

Falling for Them

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ScaryPasta(TheAlien) By ScaryPasta666 Completed

A world were werewolves and vampires are open about what they are and for the most part .. There excepted 

But what happens when a child is born with an ability that was last seen when the world was first created

This is the story of young Halo Legacy 
He has been on his own since he was 6 years old 


'That pink hair and those hypnotic eyes  I knew then that he was my mate .. So beautiful .. So angelic ' 


' the smell of apple pie and vanilla over whelmed my senses I turned and my eyes landed upon an angel of sorts ... My mate '      


'I didn't plan this ! I- I don't deserve this ! My heart can't handle any of it ! Why ? Why me ?! Why is it me ?!'

( a/n BXBXB if you hate on the LGBTQA group the door to hell is down the hall to the left and it's the door with the screaming haters ! Kisses ! )

Dear author homophobes and more are not accepted in hell they indeed only go to the purgatory for a long not-relaxing vacation
fishtastic fishtastic May 01
This kind of story reminds me of when I went through that phase of thinking I was ``insane``
Stories birth be like(anime, manga, books)
                              Mother:*holding the baby*"my child has blue hair"
                              Father:"f*ck he's the main character"
                              Mother:"NOOOOO!!!!! I'm too young to die"
It's like he started talking with confidence and then as he continued he realized how awkward he was.
                              Oh gosh, he's me!
Or pink hair.....
                              If anyone read my previous comment on the birth may understand...It's an inside joke....
I've never really like pie......Nobody care....I just wanna throw that out there.........