Love Across Time. {Book 2} completed

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Sanaya Kant By SanayaKant Completed
This is book two of You're Not Alone series. Read the first book titled "You're Not Alone," if you want to read this one as it is a series.
    After returning back to the future with intentions known only to her, she joins hands with Vlade to help him search his missing sister and rescue her from the vicious demon lord.
    This is a journey filled with Demons, conspiracy, mysteries and twists. it's a story of Love across Time
Hey,I m not able to read jt n can only read the author's note
Hey! at last  i found a time to read the part 2. I'm so happy i could continue reading Frisca's adventure. And as usual you fascinate me with your writing ;) It's been a long time since i had check this out.
just recentl found this. Now Im gonna start reading it nonstop. 
Idk  I haven't read ur book sorry but by the looks of this it looks nice ill try :)
Hey were are you from. Cos, honestly the cover of your book showing PC and RK on your books cover.
                                    I never taught that ill see those two faces on any cover on wattpad.
And disregard that cuz obviously when I check chapter 58 it post on chapter one so if u can delete that for me thanx. Wattpad is making me mad. But I just can't stop reading certain books on here. Thanx and sorry. Idk what is up with Wattpad lately