Pathetic: A Yandere! Tsukishima x Reader Love Story [COMPLETED]

Pathetic: A Yandere! Tsukishima x Reader Love Story [COMPLETED]

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Yandere-chan's Senpai By ShiroLily Completed

[I don't own Tsukishima Kei or any of the other characters from the anime, "Haikyuu!!"]

...You're pathetic. Thinking you could escape from me. You're mine. Only mine. And I would do anything to keep it that way.


I guess I have to teach you a lesson.

First    x reader fanficiton I'm reading..
                              I kinda like this
Tsukki sounds like a creepy stalker....a very handsome creepy looking stalker yep thats what he is.
Kaneki-Kate Kaneki-Kate May 11
I mean, I would join a club if it's filled with Hot Boys *wink wonk*
DecentDweeb DecentDweeb 2 days ago
Ooo angry Kags is just gorgeous someone restrain me before I switch husbands
lilypupe91 lilypupe91 Mar 10
Im so angry does this girl not go back and look at her texts?!?!? He tells her whos there to kill him!!!!!
PutriiKaraa PutriiKaraa Apr 08
Teach me how to play volleyball pls or... or.. or teach me how to study pls! I beg you 🙏