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>> Jøšhü噩 << By _HumHallelujah_ Updated Feb 12

Support and Advice book mainly for transgender men/ boys / FtMs etc.

[Highest Rank: #1 in non fiction](1/1/17)

*I am not a professional so don't take my advice that way*.


[contains strong language]
[Unfunny puns]
[Too many tøp references]

DemiWizLord DemiWizLord Dec 11, 2016
I was forced to act and dress like a girl until 6th grade then I got some freedom she still makes wear make up and do my nails
_DJ_Spooky_Jim_ _DJ_Spooky_Jim_ Oct 14, 2016
Whoa it's been a while since I have seen the original cover.
possiblytrans possiblytrans Sep 04, 2016
When you said that you really started to have the repressed feelings come out at 15, it really hit hard with me, as I'm currently 15 years old myself, and going through the same process you did. It's scary and it's foreign, but I'm trying my best to make do and realize who I am.
fucking-hell fucking-hell Nov 13, 2016
i was seven and use to shove tennis balls down my pants and stand in the shower and think that the doctors accidentally put of my penis leaving me to be a girl forever
fucking-hell fucking-hell Nov 13, 2016
i watched an episode of dr. phil and all of the memories came back and i had a crisis oops
MySistersWords MySistersWords Oct 25, 2016
For a little while I hated being trans and always wished I could just be happy as a girl ;-; I think it's probably quite common..