XLand -New Edition-

XLand -New Edition-

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Torche Tesnom By TorcheTesnom Completed

Only readers 18+ Content may have vivid sexual depictions and/or extra content not suitable for younger audiences. 

She owns a Spa, and her name is Britta. With the busy work that comes with owning a business, Britta has not had the luxury of taking a vacation for over two years. Britta's business has finally come to an equable point, where she is earner passive income and can finally take that vacation, but there is a problem: she doesn't know where to go!

Sabina, Britta's best friend, is a naughty mouthed woman, quickly suggests that they go to XLand for that vacation. XLand is a new amusement park in Germany, aimed for the sole purpose of entertaining adults in very explicit ways. 

Britta knows that Sabina is not known for making the best plans or decisions, but will this deter her from taking a vacation to XLand? What if something happens while she's gone? What if the Spa burns down? 

There are other thoughts on Britta's mind. She has recently been publicly embarrassed by what she thought would be her boyfriend. But he quickly managed to ruin any chance of there being a relationship-kaput. 

Now, Britta is stuck in mire and has to choose to tend the spa or have fun with her best friend in a world where Sex is looked upon differently than the rest of the world! 

Welcome to XLand! 

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marmiapple marmiapple Aug 25, 2016
It's going good so far and please don't forget to update 😄
i_love_cats1593 i_love_cats1593 Oct 26, 2016
What the hell mine just says these wierd letters and numbers
TorcheTesnom TorcheTesnom Aug 25, 2016
Thank you! I won't forget. I am trying to add one chapter a day until it's complete, but if you can't wait for the next chapter, you may look at the older version, but that version is obviously not revised :( Hopefully, you stick with this version :)