My Mate's the Silent Emo?

My Mate's the Silent Emo?

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Ayesha Waqar By _aaayeshaaa_ Updated Dec 31, 2014

Hi, Im Anderson. Crystal Anderson... 

Okay I'll admit only James Bond can pull that one off.

I'm 17 years old, I live alone ... don't tell the authority. .. I always try to think positive.. I have black hair... I'm 5"7 .. I go to Woodsen High.. I have blue eyes.. I love blue *says in dreamy voice ;)*... Well I guess I can say thats about it... oh yeah and I don't talk.. by choice.

I'm Jacob Winter ... I'm 18 and 6 feet.. I have jet black hair and misty light Grey eyes... I am a werewolf.. (A/N haha no pun intended woth Jacob and werewolf (; ..)
I am the alpha now since im 18 and I guess thats it. .. for nowhi ;)

------------------------------------------So what will happen when Jacob meets Crystal will he ignore her will he go after her... or will he reject her in his mind (because she is a human... or is she?) because she indeed is his mate ;)... 
why doesn't Crysral
why is she living alone?? read to find out... Please. ... with a mustache on top... no .. okay fine whatever... I never liked yall anyways *hmmphs*

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Sarcastic_Gryffindor Sarcastic_Gryffindor Apr 14, 2017
I read that in a VERY girly voice then I rolled my eyes and mom looked at me like I had 15 heads
speedywil1 speedywil1 Aug 05, 2016
For some reason my parents think I like school just because I have good grades. I just remember things and listen. I zone out all the time but still get straight A's.😋
Im_WeirdGetUsedTo_It Im_WeirdGetUsedTo_It Mar 04, 2016
Oh so you mean that you weren't reading in the shower while wearing all your clothes.
daddydelrious daddydelrious Jun 13, 2016
I just imagined him saying
                              "MINE," and going to sit down😂😂
speedywil1 speedywil1 Aug 05, 2016
I know what you mean. I have books to write but chores and school always gets in the way. And I'm like ugh go away.🙄
Close_Up_Camera_1 Close_Up_Camera_1 Jun 27, 2016
You can't smell fire Jacob you can only smell the smoke coming from the fire come on try to keep up Jacob.
                              That must only mean 1 thing...
                              Your mate is probably smoking hot😉
                              She's probably on fire sooo....
                              GO RUN TO HER LIKE NOW MAN SHE'S BURNING UP!!!!!