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My Mate's the Silent Emo?

My Mate's the Silent Emo?

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Ayesha Waqar By _aaayeshaaa_ Updated Dec 31, 2014

Hi, Im Anderson. Crystal Anderson... 

Okay I'll admit only James Bond can pull that one off.

I'm 17 years old, I live alone ... don't tell the authority. .. I always try to think positive.. I have black hair... I'm 5"7 .. I go to Woodsen High.. I have blue eyes.. I love blue *says in dreamy voice ;)*... Well I guess I can say thats about it... oh yeah and I don't talk.. by choice.

I'm Jacob Winter ... I'm 18 and 6 feet.. I have jet black hair and misty light Grey eyes... I am a werewolf.. (A/N haha no pun intended woth Jacob and werewolf (; ..)
I am the alpha now since im 18 and I guess thats it. .. for nowhi ;)

------------------------------------------So what will happen when Jacob meets Crystal will he ignore her will he go after her... or will he reject her in his mind (because she is a human... or is she?) because she indeed is his mate ;)... 
why doesn't Crysral
why is she living alone?? read to find out... Please. ... with a mustache on top... no .. okay fine whatever... I never liked yall anyways *hmmphs*

Highest Ranking #1 Werewolf | #10 Teen Fiction.

speedywil1 speedywil1 Aug 05, 2016
For some reason my parents think I like school just because I have good grades. I just remember things and listen. I zone out all the time but still get straight A's.😋
Im_WeirdGetUsedTo_It Im_WeirdGetUsedTo_It Mar 04, 2016
Oh so you mean that you weren't reading in the shower while wearing all your clothes.
normalscaresme- normalscaresme- Jun 13, 2016
I just imagined him saying
                              "MINE," and going to sit down😂😂
speedywil1 speedywil1 Aug 05, 2016
I know what you mean. I have books to write but chores and school always gets in the way. And I'm like ugh go away.🙄
Close_Up_Camera_1 Close_Up_Camera_1 Jun 27, 2016
You can't smell fire Jacob you can only smell the smoke coming from the fire come on try to keep up Jacob.
                              That must only mean 1 thing...
                              Your mate is probably smoking hot😉
                              She's probably on fire sooo....
                              GO RUN TO HER LIKE NOW MAN SHE'S BURNING UP!!!!!
athenavlablanc athenavlablanc Sep 03, 2016
What the bathroom is the only place your safe from being bothered