It's A Story Of Us! [COMPLETED]

It's A Story Of Us! [COMPLETED]

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It's a story of Love...
It's a story of Hate...
It's a story of his Love...
It's a story of her Hate...
It's a story of Misunderstandings...
It's a story of Haroon...
It's a story of Abeer...
It's a story of You and I...
It's a story of Us...!

Haroon Muzaffar, a 26 year old well groomed and sexy hardworking professor. An average height and average build, average brown eyes and average short hair. He is the only son of his parents and the only grandchild of his beloved grandmother. 
He can be cocky, arrogant, and harsh. But he can also be charming, funny, protective and emotional. 
He is defined by his status in life as being the apex of success with all of the money in the world in his bank account, but he still chose to be self-reliant.
His hidden quality is his sincerity, that's what makes you love him. 
He is loved by everyone but hated by only one. 

Abeer Rashid is a 22 year old cheerful character. Down to earth personality and most loved by all her friends and family. She loves to laugh a lot. Has a sense of humor and doesn't take life so serious. She is full of life and passion and someone who doesn't get discourage during trying times and finds the good in everything.
She is loved by all but her hate is only one. 

Everything is going well in their lives until one day everything changed and their view about each other and about everybody changed. But what made them like this? 
What happens when two different personalities meet? Will they fall in love, hate or something more? 
What twists and turns took place in their lives that led to such situations? 
Join me in their journey to find out more.

  • comedy
  • drama
  • emotional
  • fiction
  • hate
  • love
  • misunderstandings
  • romance
Zaeemababar22 Zaeemababar22 Aug 25, 2016
Wsalam api 
                              Welcome to writers world
                              Good luck for ur story 
                              Waiting for 1st chapter
oye_aiseen oye_aiseen Aug 24, 2016
And yeah te prologue sounds interesting....can't wait to read the 1 chappy
tehreem0125 tehreem0125 Aug 31, 2016
W.Salam.....finally going to read your book....i know it will b wonderful♡
- - Aug 25, 2016
The prologue itself is dhamakedar. Update soon and reveal the . CLIFFHANGER!!!! -_- . I loved it.
oye_aiseen oye_aiseen Aug 24, 2016
Welcome to the wattpad writing world....and wish you All the best for book...You've got my support till the end
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