Sebastian X Neko Reader

Sebastian X Neko Reader

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(Y/N) is a orphan girl, she lives on the street till she met Ciel Phantomive! Now she is the new maid of the Phantomhive Estate! And she will capture the heart of Sebastian, and blah blah blah.

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Idk about most people but why do people only talk about Andy (all the time) instead of all of the band members being hot....XP
sophynightmare sophynightmare Dec 21, 2016
Alois! Claude! My little bipolar boy and my favorite emotionless, spider-demon butler!
Blood-Assassin Blood-Assassin Dec 29, 2016
Right, i'm gonna download that video once school holidays are over
IncredibleSkittlez IncredibleSkittlez Nov 18, 2016
I love that song! 'In the end as you fade into the night, OHHHHH'. XD