Dark Games

Dark Games

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Gabrielle Ragusi By imthekarmapolice Updated Apr 01

"She showed up on Halloween night, with her big hair, her big mouth. Her magic touches the darkness of my soul, my name on her Mudblood lips sounds foreign. She began this dangerous game." 
Her best friends knew that she was lost, trapped in a place of darkness. They would do anything to find her, even face the Dark Lord once again and break the circle of time.

A Tomione fanfiction.

Warning: foul language and mature contents ahead.

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badholt badholt Apr 22, 2017
This is a lot of sexual activity for the 30's...  Hopefully witches and wizards were more tolerant of that sort of thing.
cerolion cerolion Jul 06, 2017
Idk mayby she just hates you because you caused her so much pain??
badholt badholt Apr 22, 2017
I'm so confused at what is happening here... Does she need an escort or something?  Why is she nervous?
badholt badholt Apr 22, 2017
Or maybe he's just so Slytherin that you only *think* he's concerned 😏