Dark Games

Dark Games

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Gabrielle Ragusi By street-spirit Updated Nov 06

"The first time I see her, I think she has big hair.
The second time I see her, I think she has big hair and a big mouth."

Tom Riddle's life was peaceful, as peaceful can be a young Dark Lord's life anyway, until a strange girl shows up on Hogwarts' doorsteps. Will the new student just try to find a way to get home or will she threaten Tom's position of power? 
Well, dark games have just begun.

A Tomione fanfiction.

Warning: foul language and mature content ahead.

Lady_Shiari Lady_Shiari Oct 09
This is literally me.... I've been compared to Voldemort when I don't have coffee in the morning.... that's worth Avada'ing someone's ass over lol
- - Aug 10
It's, uh, odd. A little confusing but I expect you probably explain tht somewhere.