Did you miss me? (sterek story) // ON HOLD //

Did you miss me? (sterek story) // ON HOLD //

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Sammy By sterekxmalec Updated Sep 05

Stiles was killed by a werewolf two years ago after he was kicked out of the pack, for being worthless. Well, he's not really worthless anymore. What happens when Stiles is back, but not the same Stiles the pack kicked out for being worthless?

Stiles is what you call a vetala. Vetala's are snake-like monsters, which feed on human blood and can cripple their victims with venom that will paralyze you. They have serpentine eyes and fangs.

Stiles has a pack, and the McCall/Hale pack aren't very fond of them. Will Stiles and Derek be able to hide there feelings from each other while there packs are enemies?

Cover by thundersouls

This is the right way to start a story. Kicking Stiles out of the pack right at the first paragraph. Great.
I thought he would have been a werewolf because Scott bit the Nogitsune. Or a kitsune because of Void
I am just going to think it was Lydia who said this because then I don't have to hate Derek
Noooooooooooo! First his mum died now his dad. 
                              I literally just screamed at my phone
If this guy turns into something a bit like Aiden and Ethan. Then I swear to God I will kîll you
"I'm here to kill you" yh that's so casual so no need to sugar coat it