Did you miss me? (sterek story)

Did you miss me? (sterek story)

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Sammy By sterekxmalec Updated Nov 18

Stiles was killed by a werewolf two years ago after he was kicked out of the pack, for being worthless. Well, he's not really worthless anymore. What happens when Stiles is back, but not the same Stiles the pack kicked out for being worthless?

Stiles is what you call a vetala. Vetala's are snake-like monsters, which feed on human blood and can cripple their victims with venom that will paralyze you. They have serpentine eyes and fangs.

Stiles has a pack, and the McCall/Hale pack aren't very fond of them. Will Stiles and Derek be able to hide there feelings from each other while there packs are enemies?

Cover by thundersouls

AKFangirl AKFangirl Oct 02
Oh My GDD! Not the Sheriff! This is so good and I love the story, but I kinda hate you right now.
They aren't the same, they are like vampires but more snake-like