My scooter rider

My scooter rider

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I'm Shelby Mendes.Yes Shawn Mendes little sister.I'm so excited to go live with him and the rest of the Magcon boys.I miss them so much.But I also can't wait to check out the skate park that they have.I love to ride around doing tricks.I can't wait

Shelby is so excited to live with her bother and his friends.She also can't wait to go to there events and see her fans and there fans.She also can't wait to go to the skate park that's near the neighborhood.One day she meets someone at the airport that is staying with Roman Atwood that she follows on YouTube.They start to hang out a lot since he lives in the same neighborhood as her.One day when she goes over to his house.She realized how much she cares about him.They start going out.Heated make out session,dates,promises,secrets,lies,truths, fights.There worlds are about to change.

So cursing in this

He cheated on you? And ur still with him tbh I would of dumped his sorry ass