The Sea of Words

The Sea of Words

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Michael Graeme By MichaelGraeme Updated Aug 15, 2016

Some thoughts about the nature and the future of writing in the internet age.

 Are you a writer? Do you despair of ever getting published? Well if you're reading this, you already have the means to publish yourself, online. Not the same thing? You're right, self publishing is much better. Sure there's hardly any money in it, but there's no money doing it the other way either. Things are changing and you need to forget about the old way of doing things. 

 This is not a book about how to write. It is not a book about how to get into print. It's about a new way of thinking, about the nature of the writing process itself, and its importance to the only person who matters and that's you.

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maryltabor maryltabor Aug 21, 2016
@MichaelGraeme Indeed. Though I don't self-publish because that sea is so large, I agree with the essence here--and encourage others to take heart from what you've written here. V.
leahcanscience leahcanscience Sep 17, 2016
Have you tried the other platforms you mentioned? Do you self publish on Amazon too? Which has given you the most success?