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kitten • joshler

kitten • joshler

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but is it plausible? By joshuandtyler Updated Feb 20

"why? why do i have to do this?" tyler asked quietly.

josh smiled. "that's all part of the fun, kitten."


started august 9th, 2016

no but like this is so upsetting because he knows his mother wouldn't approve of him being himself. 
                              shi t what did i do to myself
-coffeekisses -coffeekisses 3 days ago
well yeah, that's your homework 
                              and you should know to always do your homework
XScabandPlasterX XScabandPlasterX 10 hours ago
Tell my why that I do both of those things, at the same time. All the time?
stormchacer stormchacer Feb 14
Oh god, I wish I could say this to some of my teachers. Not all, but some.
this has been in my library for a long aśs time, whY HAVENT I READ  IT YET U G H
stormchacer stormchacer Feb 14
Jish and Beebo are always together
                              (I SHIP IT!!!!!   #JOSHDON!!!!)