The Quirk of a Prime ((HITAIS))

The Quirk of a Prime ((HITAIS))

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LadyNebula By LastLightAlive Updated Mar 25, 2018

((Transformers Prime and My Hero Academia/Boku No Hero Academia Crossover))

Cybertron now flourishes with life once again. The war is no more and now everyone can live in peace and harmony. And thanks to who?

Optimus Prime. 

The last of the primes who gave up his life to the core so his species may live on.

Once entering the core, he thought he would parish with the intention of giving life back to Cybertron. 

But that was not the case. At least not fully. Yes, he did give life back to Cybertron, but he did not parish.

Optimus, now HUMAN, wakes up in an world that looks similar to Earth. That IS similar to Earth. Only difference?

"Why are there human children blowing things up?..."