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Darkness, my old friend//Pitch Black X Reader book 1

Darkness, my old friend//Pitch Black X Reader book 1

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Everything Random By DeathByCupcakes Completed

Pitch and his nightmares are growing stronger. Last time this happened Jack Frost was there to save the children. But now they need you.

(Y/n) is a 17 year old girl in the middle of Washington DC. It always rains there and almost always has clouds covering every inch of blue in the sky. 
Her parents died when she was young and she had no one for 5 years.
But the day an irresponsible man didn't check his brakes on his large truck was the day everything changed, it was the day she became a guardian.

And from that day forward Manny knew she was going to change the world.

My room actually is purple, always has been. I've never changed the colors of my walls (how did walls become salad??)
Also, I think like that, I think the darkness is my friend. 
                              Just, the darkness lets you cry until you can't cry anymore, it's a gentle comfort, and it lets you let it all out, not forcing you to dry your tears and just be iver with it, or bottle it up