Mated To Royalty (Editing)

Mated To Royalty (Editing)

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everlovingdeer By everlovingdeer Completed

Almost every girl wanted a prince to call her his princess. But when I got one what did I want to do.

I wanted to slap him.


Aria is human.100% without a doubt, she's human. But then again, so is everyone, right?

Wrong. A chance meeting has her and her cousin, who she'd protect with her life, thrust into a world where danger seems to lurk around every corner. Where mythical creatures like vampires and werewolves actually exist.

Now she finds herself stuck. Stuck in a world that she wants no part of. Stuck in a mating that she can't even begin to understand. And most importantly, stuck with an arrogant twat who thinks she's his. 

But I forgot to mention, he just so happens to be the crown prince.

(cover created by ZamTron)

10th: Diuugh...
                              If anyone watches Dashiegames or DashieXP, then... Yeah...
Wow, thanks author. Thanks for not letting the second prince choose a bimbo!  :D
If I guy said "mine" to me I'd give him a piece of my mind Prince or not
Also, Why is it called 'choosing' if they technically didn't choose?
Well lucky him, i ended up with a face red and blotchy most of the time :(
SarafinaDream SarafinaDream Jan 31, 2015
I read this book a long time ago and then archived it and then my phone was being an ass and I just found it and I'm about to re read it I'm so excited!