Me? {Septiplier Superheros}

Me? {Septiplier Superheros}

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Rhysie's-pretzels By NewGoatInTown Updated Jun 30

Jack didn't have a very happy life. When he was younger, the had lost his dad, people saying it was and accident, and his mom disappeared, and people saying that she was killed in battle.

Then Jack got adopted and started his public school life. People never tried to even communicate with him because no one know what his powers were, not even himself.

When his adoptive mother died, his dad got remarried and that woman he married was extremely abusive towards him. On his way home from school, the took a short cut in order to get home faster, since his stepmother was worse when ever he didn't get home on time.

That short cut is what saved him. He had stumbled and fell into a secret base that was put there. All the most powerful heros have been gathered there.

What he didn't know that it was gonna change his life in more ways than one.

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