Different Ways - Volume II of A Round Trip to Love

Different Ways - Volume II of A Round Trip to Love

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Different Ways ( 殊途 ) is Volume II of the Round Trip Series ( 雙程系列 ) by Lan Lin ( 藍淋 )

The original language is Chinese.  I was unable to find an English translation, so I decided to make one.  Please feel free to PM me with corrections.

This story is about a gay romance and contains mature situations.  If this is not your cup of tea, please do not read further.

Volume I tells the story of Cheng Yi Chen and Lu Feng who met and fell in love in boardingschool.  After the school discovered their romance and notified their parents, the pair were separated for 5 long years.  Lu Feng was sent to the States, while Xaio Chen transferred schools.  A chance meeting brought them back together, and despite the reunion getting off to a rocky start....

....The story of Cheng Yi Chen and Lu Feng continues in Volume II

Lan Lin starts the novel with the following quote:

"To tell the truth, I don't mind if democracy ceases to exist! I don't care even if the entire universe were to return to atoms! If he is...as long as he is reading books, half-asleep, alongside me..."
Yoshiki Tanaka, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, episode 83

THANK YOU SO MUCH for translating this - I greatly and genuinely appreciate it.
Brilliant; I think all things are down to the person and what THEY are feeling.  Positive feelings mean a positive interpretation.  Sad or negative feelings lead to a sad or negative interpretation. Thanks again for translating this.  :)