Cruel; Wicked. The Felon.

Cruel; Wicked. The Felon.

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Cruel; Wicked. 

Nostalgia can be like a painful drug. 
The memories get painful, but yet you get addicted to recall them like a drug.
One look at Hueson and I exactly knew why he was doing this. Why he drowned himself in the haze of smoke that came out of his lightened cigarette. 
Why he smokes. 

He smokes. 

He smokes because he want to drown his emotions into the sea. 
But the sea he thought he could drown his emotions into, 
seemed like a dead sea to me. 

There is no escape from the hell he went through. But yet again I still wanted to try. Wanted to lit a light in his dark eyes. 

And one look at Scarr, and I could tell her void eyes held endless stories in them. 

They were perfect for each other. 

Broken pieces when held together,
always make a work of art. 

I was not a gullible person Scarr thought of. I knew the truth very well that my brother can be anything but gay. 

The Fu*ko can never keep his di*k inside his pants. 

So I played along. 

Just to joint the the broken strings.

~Xaviar Knight. 


umnatanveer umnatanveer Oct 19
Awesome prologue i must say. It had tht mysterious, poetic, badboy touch to it and god! Do i not know that it will be one hell of a book?!
Your novel seems quite interesting! I really loved the way you introduced the characters! Now lemme read the following chapters as well 😜😂
Oh no I can already see that I am going to need a box of tissue and popcorn before I get into this. *Gets box of tissue and a Large popcorn bucket* Alright let's do this!
MLYGhost MLYGhost Oct 23
Love how you describe the characters 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
same here but it's still nice to have the attention 😂😂 i'm confusing lol
Unnati2610 Unnati2610 Nov 11
Your bio was the best I have ever read and today your summary is the best I have ever read