Damaged, but not broken

Damaged, but not broken

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Aria By CherrySoda6 Updated Nov 23

Now what? The Bureau has fallen, the war is over, and everyone can lead normal lives. But these new lives  aren't normal for Tobias and everyone else. No factions, everything different. What is happening to them right now? Will they ever be able to heal from all that has happened?

The story is so much better than the description trust me

This is a fanfic, I don't own all of the characters here. Hope you like the story, it's my first one on Wattpad ✨
BTW I made the cover page? Do you like it?

Hey cherry ur fanfic is bomb so happy you told me to read it 
                              I hope u know who I am .I will find you, you know. And when I do, you will be sorry that you messed with me.