Tortured Into Love

Tortured Into Love

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- m e l l h e l l - By VeeP13 Completed

AntiSepticEye is one of the most feared demons on Earth. He is constantly kept in cages and under watch. After so many time of switching guards, he gets put with a well known demon, Darkiplier. After a few days, things start to change in Anti's life.

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~ cover art by @cartoonjunkie1 ~
~ story by me ~
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Anti4Life Anti4Life Oct 23
I am more than a freak... I am a psycho killer... I accedentily murdered someone at achool no joke... I got away with it but I will never do such a thing again. I lost my fockin mind.. hs blood was great though
*murders the entire school*
                              Me: H-Happy? BE HAPPY DAMMIT *twitches*
molavia molavia Nov 01
Poor Seán. Not like he choose to have an evil counterpart in his body...
Anti4Life Anti4Life Oct 23
Can i kill 2? Can I be Anti his buddy pal buddy pal buddy buddy pal buddy pal buddy mate?
KatTsukii KatTsukii Nov 09
...the world would be so much better if people only used guns on themselves
Jdizzledawg Jdizzledawg Mar 19
If I recall correctly, I don't think Antisepticeye is a female dog. He's a son of a bitch if you want to use a dog related term. I'm sorry, just wanted to be logical. :P