A Mad Love (A Mithzan X Reader)

A Mad Love (A Mithzan X Reader)

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This is another book/fanfic that my irl friends requested. This time, it's a Mithzan Max X reader. There will be swearing in the book, and I won't be bleeping them out with the *'s. In this, your Jin's little sister. That's all I'm gonna say, so enjoy!

Edit 8-31-16:
Sorry if this story is a bit crappy, but I've recently started school. I've been a bit tired, so if these chapters aren't up to par with how I normally write, I'm sorry. Cya guyz, and I appreciate your existence.

Edit 9|9|17:
Oh god, the A/Ns are just terrible, why was I like this? Sound happy, not delusional, past me.

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Something came up I guess you could say. 
                              What I'm trying to say is jin is in prison if you didn't know that
Lizziekiss Lizziekiss Oct 07
                              Please say it shumpie and not that home alesa
Mad Max HII come on don't be sad Max that you have to pay the tax Max, did you know I know how to play the sax (🎷) Max if not you should be glad Max, cause I'm not that bad Max, you know I would love to go to Pax Max, maybe then you can get some YouTube plaques Max.
Lizziekiss Lizziekiss Oct 07
White crop top, Black and white checkered shorts, and a neon purple jacket
Huh, is it funny if my fave colour was purple like thats what Jin wears for his mc skin so.. LOL
meh notification squad oN POINT! Might as well be notification NINJA'S