DM ❌ [ Zayn au ]

DM ❌ [ Zayn au ]

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@zaynmalik: Whoa babe, an entire account dedicated to me, I'm flattered aha XX

@lickinz: No problem! It's been my dream for you to follow me!! 

@zaynmalik: how bout you reward me with a pic then babe XX 

@lickinz: wtf. 

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zaynsprada zaynsprada Nov 26
Ok listen, I'm pretty far up Zayn's ass but IF HE SAID THIS TO ME I WOULD DRAG HIS ASSSS
winefuls winefuls Sep 06
um I would've slapped the girl next to me, flipped my mom off, and then tell my dad he can go f*ck himself because I had a chance with zayn and all he'd have to say was the previous message.
-malikk -malikk Aug 08
tell me tell me tell me something I don't know something I don't knoww
zayn_is_bae_2903 zayn_is_bae_2903 6 days ago
Queen slaying but why is nobody talking about how creepy zayn is right now!?
If a guy sent me this and thought I'd send nudes after I'd piss myself
zadists zadists Aug 22
*sprints to google images cuz ain't no dìck rising when they see this sugar fam*