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"i hate how i love my dick up your sexy ass." -jeongguk

"i hate how i love being fucked by you hard and raw." -taehyung


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IdeaBooks IdeaBooks 4 days ago
I watched it like 20 times
                              I didn't realize I was biting my lip
Huin-jeagX3 Huin-jeagX3 Dec 19, 2016
But what if your a bottom!kook lover that wants to read a top!kook book for a change? I don't feel welcomed at all.Oh well,Forget I told you.I'm reading this anyway cause SWAG!
Misdirection_0 Misdirection_0 Dec 12, 2016
I'm sorry guys but when I read this unique sentence, I thought it said " he continues to suck the deadly small dick ..." 
                              God laughing at myself for being blur and somehow unconsciously being a dirty minded person .
dhantrbl dhantrbl Dec 04, 2016
i like how innocent this starts off but then this is a smut book so
Ceorya Ceorya a day ago
I'm not specially a top!kook lover but I'm gonna read it. Thug life.
-molesterkook -molesterkook Dec 09, 2016
u shouldnt do dat kook......
                              SmOke weeds evErydAy~ #thuGliFe