Meeting You

Meeting You

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"And it was all because of.." he pauses, giving me a soft smile, "Meeting you."


Nicole Gold.

The popular sweet heart.

Popularity has always been on her side. But, Clarity, and love hasn't. She chose popularity over her best friend, Clarity.

But now that she's by her side again, and so is college, she's still looking for the love of her life.

Clairty introduces her to a guy named Drew. 

Drew Thomson.

The heart throb Bad Boy.

Drugs, alcohol, the girls; everything a Bad Boy is.

Maybe that's why he's friends with Ryder Chance.

Ryder Chance is in love with a good girl named Clarity, and Drew promises him that he will never be whipped like him.

Especially over a girl like Clarity.

Until, Nicole Gold walks into his life right after graduating.

Will Nicole shove him away, or keep him?